The features that make up the StareCasing Hardwood Overlay System™ are what make it such a unique flooring option.

No natural hardwood substitutes
The StareTread and the StareRiser components of the StareCasing system are milled of solid hardwood. There are absolutely no plywoods, veneers, laminates, or other natural hardwood substitutes.

Durable factory applied finish
The factory applied finishes to the tread and riser include UV protectants, VOC compliance, and hardening additives for extreme durability.

Slightly oversized to accommodate an exact fit
Each overlay is made slightly oversized in length and depth to allow for precise cutting and fit over the existing tread and riser.

Solid hardwood longevity
The robust thickness of StareCasing gives the new overlayed stair the advantage of longevity. Much like a ¾” hardwood floor, the StareTread and StareRiser are capable of enduring many refinishings to extend the life of the stair while maintaining a high level of structural integrity.