Residential Thirty (30) Year Material Warranty

StareCasing Systems Inc. (the “Company”) warrants all tread and riser overlay products (the “Products”) to be
free from manufacturing defects for thirty (30) years from the date of purchase. Manufacturing defects are
defects related to milling, assembly, craftsmanship and natural structural defects (i.e. voids, cracks and holes).
The Company guarantees, with proper installation using only the adhesives recommended by the Company,
and with normal residential use and proper maintenance, the Products will not buckle, split, warp, or lift for
a period of thirty (30) years. This warranty covers the hardwood material of the Products only. Sanding and/or
refinishing of the Products terminate and void this warranty. This warranty is to the original purchaser only,
is non-transferable, and must be accompanied by an original receipt. Product registration must be completed
within 30 days from purchase date.

Warranty Limitations

A. The Residential Thirty (30) Year Material Warranty does not cover damage of any kind, which results from
the following causes: shipping of the Products, accidents, negligence, misuse, neglect, improper cleaning,
poor and/or improper installation, pets, rough-soled shoes, spiked shoes, debris in shoes, water/liquid spills,
excessive humidity/dry levels, extreme temperature exposure, excessive water exposure resulting from
plumbing, appliances, or outside water from weather, natural disasters or flooding.

B. Natural hardwood is a product of nature. Natural hardwood provides a beautiful appearance with
dynamic colors and grain textures. Natural hardwood also provides excellent durability and performance
characteristics as a floor and stair surface. Correspondingly, natural hardwood’s appearance, durability and
performance are dependent upon the climate in which the natural hardwood resides. The internal structure
of hardwood consists of linear grain pores, which can work like a sponge. As a result, natural hardwood
expands when exposed to high levels of moisture. Conversely, natural hardwood tightens and shrinks in
extreme dry conditions. Therefore, it is important that all Products be properly acclimated to the controlled
environment of the jobsite prior to installation. Thereafter, temperature and humidity levels must be
maintained in order to achieve the Product’s highest level of performance. In the United States, the proper
relative humidity climate for North American hardwoods is in the range of 35%-55%. Allowing North
American hardwood to exist in climates above or below this range for an extended period of time is
considered extreme. As a result, the Products can become adversely affected and/or damaged.

C. Changes that occur to the Products as a result of improper temperature and humidity levels are not
considered defects and are not covered under the Warranties.

D. Under normal conditions, the Products can move and adjust (i.e. expand and contract) with the
changing seasons. As a result, minor separations can occur. Certain hardwoods may also darken and
change color with age.

E. Minor separations and color changes that occur to the Products are not considered defects and are not
covered under the Warranties.

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